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SDJG Summer 2014 Information

At the moment, it is Friday. Tomorrow, being Saturday the 14th of June, Matt and Ian will be flying down from Missouri to my house in Texas. They will stay for 2 weeks, and during the 2 weeks we will be filming constantly. We have a list of over 20 videos we want to do, and we even have a surprise for the last video we will release.

After the two weeks, I will be editing and releasing videos on the SDJG Studios youtube page, and a few choice videos will also be on my channel, Matt’s channel, and Ian’s channel. There will be very few gaming videos, if not none. Most or all of the videos will be irl, mainly sketches or activities we do that we also film. Some examples of videos we are planning include Cards Against Humanity, more board games, and sequels to videos released earlier.

For a few weeks, there may be a communication blackout due to the constant filming of videos, but afterwards, lots of videos will be released.


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